Headset/Mic Help

Headset/Mic Help

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7:58pm Aug 19th 15

I'm sick of my Blue Yeti and looking to sell it soon, I really don't want another desk mic. I am also looking at a new headset, with a microphone, if not a good clip on/mod mic.

I don't want to be spending upwards of $200, I know 'gaming' headsets can be pretty precarious in terms of quality, however there are a lot of good reviews of the Kingston HyperX Cloud II, any thoughts/other options?


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8:10pm Aug 19th 15

I use a modmic 4.0 and a pair of Audio Technica ATH-A900x very good combo think It cost me 240 delivered.

If you don't care about voice quality too much just get a zalman clip on mic they work fine.


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8:45pm Aug 19th 15

I've owned my Audio Technica's for 2 and a half years now and wouldn't go any other way, have served me very well and continue to do so. I use them with a Zalman Clip on which I clip to the headset cord, then zip tie at intervals to keep the two cables together as one.


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9:21pm Aug 19th 15

I second the Zalman Clip on mic, great for its price.

Samson SR850's, one of the best bang for buck headphones out there, I am using them at the moment and I have been using them for two years, comfortable, good for long sessions and the sound is brilliant.


Superlux HD681's I have heard they are almost identical to the SR850's.


AKG 240's
Heard nothing but good things about these, definitely going to pick up a pair of these some time soon.


Going with actual studio headphones will get you far better value for money over buying "gaming" tagged headphones/headsets, one of the exceptions possibly more but one I am aware of is the Steelseries SIberia v2's or v3's if they are the same, I like the sound out of them they are quite comfy as well, one issue though is the ear pad it seems to lose a lot of its integrity too quickly but its no biggy and may have been fixed in v3..



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6:12am Aug 21st 15


Comes to around $150au delivered. Has an open V shaped sound and the mic should be better than what's included with gaming headsets but of course no where near a Yeti, you can look up Youtube recordings for how it sounds.