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4:31pm Oct 31st 15

Was a highish tier csgo player for the last 3 years, game has got stagnant and boring for me, followed MLG Halo since start of halo 2, easily my favorite esport to spectate. couple of questions:

1. Will there be an Aussie scene?
-if so is it big?
-is it pro?
-are there levels of play eg. amateur intermediate pro etc.

how hard is it to break into the community/competitive scene.

3. do we follow the american meta in terms of game modes, and amount of player vs player eg. 4v4 or 5v5 whatever the meta is.

thanks in advance.


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4:15am Nov 2nd 15

Would love to party with you and reck people to Onyx


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8:08am Nov 3rd 15

I think Halo 5 will be pretty popular for sure.


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2:04pm Nov 5th 15

I'm keen for it


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11:13am Nov 8th 15


There is an Aus/NZ community
Yes, the Halo 5 hype has regathered a large majority of the community
$1.5mil comp, yes it pro
Has a ranked system much like CS:GO and league, you are ranked as per region ie ANZ/EU/NA etc

Not hard to get into the competitve community if you have a headset and are nice person, at least a few people will take you under their wing and help you improve