WTB video card $100

WTB video card $100

WTB video card $100

Thread started by TAILGUNNER78 on Monday, 5:21pm December 21st with 4 replies. Views: 823


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5:21pm Dec 21st 15

hi all my video card blew up and need some clue of whats good to buy and whats bad.
i can spend around $100-$150


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7:37pm Dec 21st 15

You should be able to get a secondhand gtx700 series for that at least.


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7:49pm Dec 21st 15

yeah ill take a second hand one if i can get any offers.


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7:51pm Dec 21st 15


one guys selling a 7870


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4:07pm Dec 27th 15

a gtx 760 will set you back like $110-120 on ebay