How does this game play ?

How does this game play ?

How does this game play ?

Thread started by masum506 on Wednesday, 3:52pm December 30th with 3 replies. Views: 732


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3:52pm Dec 30th 15

Hi gamers,
Whz up ! i am new here. I am action shooting game lover . I want to learn about dota 2 game. How to play this game ? or what's it's gameplay ? Thanks


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5:19pm Dec 30th 15

This game plays very well


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4:59am Dec 31st 15

Mainly push q alot. Right click alot. With the occasional r button. Oh and try not to die.


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10:51am Jan 5th 16

There is plenty of shooting in Dota 2. Dota 2 provides a wide range of classes, there is a Sniper, Ranger, tinker and a techies and with the new and out of this world classes of magic. Most definitely give it a go.