DotA2 Returns to CyberGamer

DotA2 Returns to CyberGamer

DotA2 Returns to CyberGamer

Thread started by Cyanide. on Friday, 1:10pm January 1st with 46 replies. Views: 7,813


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1:10pm Jan 1st 16 and edited 1:55pm Jan 1st 16

Hi all,
We are pleased to announce the open ladder for DotA 2 will be returning in 2016. With the most played game on steam we only feel right that CyberGamer should be catering to the ANZ community and running a solid competition for this title. Previously on CyberGamer we have ran sponsored competitions, ladders, ODCs, and Pro Leagues.

How do we get involved?
This is pretty simple, head over to the Open Ladder page and sign your team up, once the ladder goes live you will be free the challenge and start fighting your way up for a spot in the finals.

The following dates are important, and should be noted down

Ladder Start Date: January 15th 2016
Final week : March 11th 2016
Finals Round of 8: March 18th 2016 - 24th March 2016
Semi Finals: March 25th 2016 - 31st March 2016
Grand Final: 1st April 2016 - 8th April 2016

The full list of rules can be found on the ladder RULES page. It is also important to note your Steam ID must be on your profile and verified to be eligible to compete. To add your stream ID go to Profile > Edit Profile > Profile, Games & Forums > Game IDs enter your Steam ID. To verify your steam ID please follow the instructions HERE.

In addition to the new season starting we will be seeking a handful of new admins to help facilitate the upcoming ladders. If you are interested in helping out with an admin role please submit a staff application HERE. An additional thread will be posted soon regarding this.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please post them below.

4:47pm Jan 1st 16

this is such a great thing for cybergamer to be doing for aus/nz as dota isn't really big over here. i hope that there will be a few teams entering in this tourney for future purposes.


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5:10pm Jan 1st 16

Thanks for that,
The best thing to do for now to help is spread the word through out the DotA2 community and get teams signed up.

5:13pm Jan 1st 16

i've got my team joining will definitely try my best to spread the word. would you ever consider making a pro league for the future maybe sometime this year.


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5:21pm Jan 1st 16

Awesome work good to see games coming back to CG

5:25pm Jan 1st 16

lets just hope it's here for good.


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6:16pm Jan 1st 16

Are there going to be any prizes added further down the line for more serious teams?


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6:20pm Jan 1st 16

ayy dotas back!
well done cyanide

6:20pm Jan 1st 16

that's the million dollar question we would all like to know.


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7:03pm Jan 1st 16

Are there going to be any prizes added further down the line for more serious teams?

Quote from Elusively4kmmr on the 1st of January 2016

I would love for this to be the case.

If we can get interest enough on CG with Dota2, leagues and prizes will be a high priority like we had before. Dota2 is the most played game every day on Steam and I know there is a tonne of ANZ players who love their Dota. So if we get some good showing for the open ladder, with any luck we can start looking at leagues and more for the title.

Its always a catch 22, players / team want prizes, but I need to see there is genuine interest before we apply financial resources. If you look at CSGO and BO3 for PlayStation you can see we have no trouble adding money when there is interest.

7:37pm Jan 1st 16

but in saying that i'm sure if you show interest into doing something of the sort people will flock to the idea as the dota2 scene isn't there for the aus/nz scene. what would you say the minimum number of teams you would take to even consider making bigger leagues for the higher skilled players/teams.

7:40pm Jan 1st 16

maybe we can work afew ODC comps for dota2 in to the mix as that will show alot of interest for the game i'm sure. i would be more then happy to help promote the comps and help anyway i can would like to see dota2 blow up in aus as csgo and RL have.


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7:46pm Jan 1st 16

To move into leagues, I need to know there will be enough teams, and the competition. So what this means if every division in leagues ( CGa - ammatuer , CGm - main , CGi/p - invite / professional ) I need to know there will be at least 6-8 teams for each division we would run. Ideally we would want to run a min of two divisions. So this is 12 - 16 teams, plus a few left over for the open ladder.

The other thing you need to consider, to ensure teams are placed in the right division, need to see them play, so open ladder assists with this.

It also makes little sense for me to chase down sponsors, put in huge amounts of work, writing rules etc with out establishing the fact there are teams who want to play. Open ladder shows me teams want to play Dota2

8:22pm Jan 1st 16

i fully understand that lets hope that we can get around those number of teams to join i will hold you to your word

3:48pm Jan 2nd 16

great to see more teams coming we just need afew more to join to have a soild ladder going.