Myles "Blinky" Irvine AD Carry...

Myles "Blinky" Irvine AD Carry for Alpha Sydney

Myles "Blinky" Irvine AD Carry for Alpha Sydney

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Myles "Blinky" Irvine
Oceanic Challenger Series League of Legends Player for

Myles "Blinky" Irvine is currently the AD Carry for Oceanic Challenger Series team "Alpha Sydney" you may of already heard of this Organisation with their Offseason success in the Oceanic Counter-Strike scene.

Thanks for taking time out of your schedule for this Blinky. My first question is, How did you first get into gaming?

When i was about 14 my brother borrowed his friends xbox and i took 1 week off school and played call of duty: world at war straight for 1 week whilst being sick and this was my first introduction into gaming.

What was the first game that got you hooked into the competitive side of gaming?

Modern Warfare 2 was the first game i played competitively, it started out with playing random public matches and then this guy from "CyberGamer" thought i was really good and decided to set me up a cg account and get me in his team. This was for the "4v4 ladder" and we took down names such as, FRAY(Frenetic array) & Malice, This made me strive to become better.

Did you ever see Call of Duty as a viable route into top tier eSports?

I never really saw call of duty as a career path, more of a hobby for money on the side etc. i played it a lot and wanted to be the best, but there was never really a competitive scene (championships) whilst i was in the scene.

How did you discover League of Legends?

My friends in my call of duty team actually made me play, they were all level 30, and when we had our off days in MW2 or we had a bad CG match we would play league of legends, and they would match me up as level 1 with 30s, because most people didn't smurf back in those days :>

Did you ever see yourself playing in the OCS / OPL when you first started getting competitive with league of legends?

I never tried to make LoL a career path, or try to become a pro. Once i hit challenger while playing for fun i decided the scene is picking up and it's only going to grow, I thought is my opportunity to take it to the top, and i believe i could see myself playing OPL.

How do you feel about you and your team's chances in the Oceanic Challenger Series?

I think if we play our game, draft properly and practice hard like we have been, we have a big shot to make Top 2 since the OCS is very close at the top. I think there's a few set bottom teams and then everything else is up for grabs.

Do you believe that you and your team can stand up to the Oceanic Giants, Chiefs and Dire Wolves?

With more practice, and personal improvement, i believe one day we can stand up to the giants and make our mark on the scene, i think we have very good potential to become great players, it just depends how we improve our gameplay

Do you have anything to say to the community?

Just thanks for the support, or thanks for looking to support me, expect to see a lot more of me in the future ^_^ i hope to impress!

And finally with valentine's day coming up, do you have someone special?

I do not have a special valentine, everybody is my valentine! so if you're lonely hit me up xx ill give you a big kiss!

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11:28am Feb 14th 16

who actually cares lol? It's not like this team is professional or anything. Just another oceanic no hope team like the rest. OCE is far from professional, and a trash region (performance wise)


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11:55am Feb 14th 16

Go Alpha Sydney!

Go Blinky!


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myles is pre cute but terrible at the game BOL