Mechanical vs regular keyboard...

Mechanical vs regular keyboard???

Mechanical vs regular keyboard???

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8:14pm Feb 14th 16

Hey guys my current keyboard is just a regular keyboard that came with my computer and has done the job perfectly for me up until now. I have now been playing in the dark a lot lately as my girlfriend has been sleeping in the same room my computer is located in. As it is not a backlit keyboard i wanted to upgrade to a backlit model and possibly look at switching to a mechanical 'gaming' keyboard.

Upon doing some research I have noticed that mechanical keyboards and gaming keyboards in general are a fair bit more expensive than normal ones. So my question to you guys is; what is the difference between mechanical/gaming keyboards and regular keyboards? Is it worth the extra dosh?

Also I have heard mechanical keyboards can be quite loud and annoying, could this possibly wake my sleeping girlfriend? Finally, can you guys recommend some cheap, but decent, keyboards that are backlit for me please? (Trying to keep it under $100 as I am going on holiday soon so am saving for that)



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8:52pm Feb 14th 16

Try harder.


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9:33am Feb 15th 16

blue brown and black are clacky, avoid razer mechanical keyboards .... they are the nosiest bulkiest pieces of crap ever, they aren't even real mechanical keyboards.

and yes. mechanical keyboards are worth the extra money without a 2nd thought.
go into notepad with your current keyboard and push 3 keys down you'll notice all 3 letters / numbers / symbols what ever you pushed, now try it again with 4.

then you have the effort required to get the keys to respond this makes a huge difference as your keyboard is more responsive.

all in all once you buy something and never want to go back to what you used to have then that's saying something. haha

as for needing a backlit keyboard .... it's kinda sad, you, us, we, gamers. you've been at your computer long enough to know where your keys are shouldn't need a light or a backlit keyboard to navigate it


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10:16am Feb 15th 16

pok3r or bust


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6:09pm Feb 15th 16

Thanks for the advice guys.

I am now looking at these 3 keyboards as cheap mechanical keyboards; TTesports Poseidon Z, ASUS Strix Tactic Pro and Logitech G710+. The first being one without the macro or 'G' keys and the 2nd too being options with these keys with not too big of a price gap. I think these G keys would come in handy as I do like to play the odd mmo and i am a big fan of many rts games.

So can anyone offer any advice on whether I should avoid one of these keyboards specifically or any personal reviews on any of them please?



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6:38pm Feb 15th 16

I'd go for a Logitech one purely because I'd trust it more to last


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6:49pm Feb 15th 16

sleep in the bed with your fucking girlfriend mate


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7:00pm Feb 15th 16

sleep in the bed with your fucking girlfriend mate

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7:35pm Feb 15th 16

love mechanical keyboards. ill never go back to my old g15,arctosa etc.

as for loud clicky buttons you can get sound dampeners for them so they arent so loud. which sounds like a good idea if you dont want to wake the mrs.

as for brands ive used and reccommend - Filco, Ducky, DAS, CM Storm.

if you like the idea of extra keys for macros, then you cant go past logitchs reputation tbh. but i havent personally used one yet.

do not get razer


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8:01pm Feb 15th 16

ill never go back to my old g15

Quote from Dealzz on the 15th of February 2016

Fuck those G15's where good though that sexy little LCD screen sah good

Out of all the keyboards I have tried Ducky has to be the best no frills mechanical keyboard I have used


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8:45pm Feb 15th 16

blue brown and black are clacky

Quote from Sharpy! on the 15th of February 2016


TTesports Poseidon Z, ASUS Strix Tactic Pro and Logitech G710+

Quote from biggest_kid on the 15th of February 2016

The Poseidon is out of the game because it has Blue switches.
The Stix is a nice choice, Black switches have always been my favourite with Browns a close second, but even Blacks can be too loud for a environment that needs to be relatively quiet.
The Logitech seems like the best bet, its Brown switches which don't make as much noise compared to the Blues and Blacks.

With an O Ring modification, which costs virtually nothing bar you own free time, you can even further reduce the sound your keyboard makes. Can't preach to their effectiveness, though.
See the video in the below link.

Investigate which switch suits your needs the best, as you have chosen 3 different ones.


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8:25pm Feb 23rd 16

Anything that is NOT Razer is 100% fine, literally anything is a step up from Razer except maybe the Steelseries m800 and those other mechanical keyboard you can buy at the moment though in my opinion.


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8:31pm Feb 23rd 16


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6:31pm Mar 8th 16

brown and black are clacky

Quote from Sharpy! on the 15th of February 2016
What? No they aren't.

Brown is tactile without click, black is linear high force without click (obviously, seeing as it's linear). Unless you're bottoming out you don't make much noise on anything that doesn't have an audible click from the key in actuation.