Mwave CGPL Autumn - Challenge...

Mwave CGPL Autumn - Challenge Division

Mwave CGPL Autumn - Challenge Division

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Hello everyone,

We are proud to announce that the Mwave CGPL Autumn LAN event in April will feature a 4v4 finals tournament as part of the Call of Duty: World League Challenge Division ANZ, Presented by PlayStation 4. Hosted in partnership with Activision this event gives competing teams the chance to win a share of the $10,000 USD prize pool and earn points to gain entrance to compete at the Call of Duty Championships in the final quarter of this year.

Qualification Process

Only 4 teams will be given the opportunity to compete in this CWL ANZ Challenge Division event at the Mwave CGPL Autumn LAN on Saturday April 16th. To earn your spot in the finals you must place in the top 4 of the qualification event.
  • The qualification event will begin on Tuesday 29th of March in a single elimination format and carry over through to Thursday 31st of March. The top 8 teams will be paid a split of the $10,000 USD prize pool.
  • All participating teams will also earn points towards the Call of Duty Championship.
  • The top 4 teams will qualify for the LAN final and will continue the single elimination phase live at the event on the 16th of April.

Teams Involved
Tuesday 29/3/16
Wednesday 30/3/16
Thursday 31/3/16
Saturday 16/4/16
Online Stage #1
Online Stage #1
Online Stage #1
Single Elimination
Single Elimination
Single Elimination
Single Elimination
Top 16
Top 8
Top 4

*Both online qualifiers will be best of 5 maps with LAN being best of 7.

Map Rotation

Round of 64 - HP-Evac // SND-Breach // UP-Fringe // CTF-Stronghold // SND-Redwood
Round of 32 - HP-Fringe // SND-Hunted // UP-Infection // CTF-Evac // SND-Stronghold
Round of 16 - HP-Stronghold // SND-Fringe // UP-Evac // CTF-Breach // SND-Infection
Round of 8 - HP-Breach // SND-Evac // UP-Breach // CTF-Fringe // SND-Hunted
Semi-Final - HP-Breach // SND-Stronghold // UP-Infection // CTF-Fringe // SND-Evac // HP-Stronghold // SND-Hunted
Grand Final / Consolation - HP-Stronghold // SND-Breach // UP-Fringe // CTF-Breach // SND-Infection // HP-Evac // SND-Fringe

Prize Money (USD)
CWL Points
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
4th place
5th – 8th place
9th – 16th place
17th – 32nd place
33rd – 64th place
$4 000
$2 000
$1 500
$1 000

*Teams that qualify for the LAN final will be responsible for their travel expenses.
**To compete in the online qualifier all participants must be 18 years of age or older as of Tuesday the 29th of March 2016.

Online Qualifier - Stage #1 - Register here

Finalists competing at Mwave CGPL Autumn will playoff in a best of seven single elimination tournament at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney on April the 16th.

Many thanks,
CyberGamer Administration Team


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A huge step for CG, great to see them back on some CoD! Can't wait for the event.


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Step in right direction.


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How is the seeding determined ?


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How is the seeding determined ?

Quote from Swift on the 25th of March 2016
CWL seeds > Challenge Division seeds -

Also we are aware that the rego page link isn't visible to the public yet. Just waiting for Asterix to jump online and make it public. It should be up by tonight.


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@Stat-iX @Jpaxstar @Brookings__


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See you all there!


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See you all there!

Quote from DSav on the 25th of March 2016

Nobody wants to see you dude


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Teams are now able to access the qualifier page at


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c u there


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Age limits?