Looking for team logos!

Looking for team logos!

Looking for team logos!

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9:40am Apr 13th 16

Hey guys, Sheep here from Clutch Studios.

As part of the qualifier we had huge success with both the amazing plays and organisation from all the teams involved.

If you're a part of the second qualifier, we'd love to work with you as well to get some work done for our intro and the smooth operation of the stream.

If you have a look there you'll see we didn't have too many logos, but the more the better!

Also if anyone competing could add me on Steam, (https://steamcommunity.com/id/sheepshearer) and we can touch base closer to the weekend and organise the casts and interviews together.

Thanks a bunch!


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9:35am Apr 16th 16

Time is running out to get these to us. If you want your team to be well represented on the official stream for the qualifiers please send us your logo asap.

You can send the logo (or a link to it) to [email protected]

Team logos we currently have

    - Aspyre - Cypher - Dismay - Invidious - Legion - No Practice only Dreams - Paragon - Ripple esports - Rovers - Team Regret - Tyrant - Yellow Solo Mid

Producer of Clutch Studio


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9:57pm Apr 21st 16


We didnt get past the qualifiers but we will be working hard to make sure we make our mark next time.


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6:16pm Apr 22nd 16

a little late