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yourwombat lft

Thread started by yourwombat on Tuesday, 9:02pm April 19th with 9 replies. Views: 1,970


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9:09pm Apr 19th 16

Sharp fragger and consistent as fuck. On top of that one of the nicest, least toxic dudes out there. Ez high cga/low cgm for next season BOL


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9:09pm Apr 19th 16

Fantastic support player and a good mate of mine. Sucks that subzero had to split up but everyone is on to new things now and we're all better off for the experience.

Pick him up if you want a solid support player who can frag

<3 ya willy


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12:29am Apr 20th 16

Consistent Fragger, Nice Guy :D

Will become a huge player when he plays more.


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6:39pm Apr 21st 16

Ive known wombat for over 6 months, He's got insane aim and isn't inconsistent, smart player and i feel like he's willing to know learn and become a better player


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6:57pm Apr 21st 16

cool dude, goes big often, would recommend High CGA+.

BOL Will


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8:44am Apr 22nd 16

Sharp, consistent, very good comms. Needs to find a team he has chemistry with and easy High CGa+. Bol.


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10:11pm Apr 22nd 16

Bump, definitely deserves and excellent team, calm cool and collected for sure High CGA or CGM. Killer on LAN at Over 9k 1.18 rating!


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10:26pm Apr 22nd 16

This guy is fucking so bad like omg and hes just a general asshole

Jk Hes a decent human and has sharp aim and good comms, just needs chemistry and he will be golden for any team to pick him up High CGA for sure


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9:50am Apr 23rd 16

Versed him in scrims and the like a few times, sharp aim deserving of a good team.


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10:35pm Apr 28th 16