CyberGamer Ban Update: Infrequ...

CyberGamer Ban Update: Infrequent

CyberGamer Ban Update: Infrequent

Thread started by CS:GO Admin on Wednesday, 7:24pm April 20th with 61 replies. Views: 10,812

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7:24pm Apr 20th 16

On the 19/2/2016, user Infrequent was banned from CyberGamer due to a conclusive cheating verdict from our anti-cheat panel. While we remain satisfied with the initial circumstances surrounding the ban, several new developments occurred post ban.

The full timeline and chain of events are here:

Firstly, our requests for a POV demo were refused by Infrequent four separate times, each time with a different reason why. The most logical reason he provided was that he had reformatted his computer and no longer had the demo, we asked him to connect to CGAC so we could verify this (as we can see the date the OS was lasted updated on) and he refused again. When we did not believe his story, we gave him ample warning that we would review solely with GOTV demos if he would not comply, something he then agreed to as seen here:

10:34 PM - InfrequeNt: just go use the gotv demo mate =D

The demos we reviewed were reviewed thoroughly, several different type of cheats were downloaded by senior members of the panel and were used to recreate the exact scenarios and our results found that he was either cheating or extremely unlucky due to the way he interacted with updated information from that section of the map. Due to his refusal to cooperate with a simple request (especially when he has always provided POV demos on request in the past) we leaned towards the former.

The ban went through and we talked extensively with Infrequent and Sonic, we received all the POV's we were originally denied and our own internal appeal began with a new set of players (players involved will not be named for obvious reasons), the result was mixed. We then sent the demo to several contacts overseas who are members of their anti-cheat panels, the result that came back were mixed.

The biggest issue is that several members of the original reviewers from the anti-cheat panel as well as the private group of people we used have now changed their verdicts and we are worried that the original process has been tainted. These members are allowed to change their votes but they will no longer be asked back to review in future cases due to the inconsistency provided. We have also taken additional measures to reduce the size and scope of the AC Panel.

Whilst we followed a process that has been used by the AC panel since its inception in CS:S we recognize that human error can occur. It is unfortunate that those in a trusted position provided an opinion that turned out to be false but the appeal process was established to ensure that these situations are corrected

Due to the reasonable doubt that now surrounds the decision, we will be removing the ban on Infrequents account under several strict circumstances that he must agree to. If he fails this probationary period the ban will be reapplied.

We work hard to ensure all bans are placed fairly and continue to do so however we also work hard to ensure that all bans remain fair post ban.

In summary, we feel the initial ban was justified at the time due to the circumstances and thorough review process, but there is now reasonable doubt surrounding the case. He will be unbanned and placed on a probationary period.

Thank you,
CSGO Administration Team.


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About time lmao.


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took long enough


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How can the ban be reapplied if there's not enough evidence to PROVE he was cheating? It's like saying, if you're not a good boy we'll ban you because we THINK you might be cheating.


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7:29pm Apr 20th 16

Why must he agree to "several strict circumstances" and why is he on a probationary period if he has done nothing wrong? please explain


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welcome back


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