More Dota 2 Please

More Dota 2 Please

More Dota 2 Please

Thread started by spekyr on Thursday, 9:14pm April 21st with 6 replies. Views: 1,415


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9:14pm Apr 21st 16

Can we get more tournaments on Dota 2?
There seems to be more console tournaments than there are PC Tournaments, this shouldn't be.

Is there anything I can do to help bring Monthly Dota 2 Tournaments, I'll manage them, CG Admins must converse with the sponsors for the prizes, I will even fork over a small percentage to keep up with other tournaments, but Dota 2 has to rise in Australia and NZ.

I've watched Clutch Studios and love the work they do, and I'd like to do my part.

I'm capable of managing tournaments, time management, and creating news pages with a newly w3.css i'd love to test out for the end result of the tournaments.

I used to run weekly Quake Live tournaments, although the outcomes were low, and were easy to manage, yet I did give my time to do so, now I have love for Dota 2 and want to see it further thrive, and where better, CyberGamer, the biggest Australian Gaming website we have.

Are Teams Eager....

if your team is eager, please place your logo in your reply.



If you are looking to make or join a team, I'll happily take you in and replicate a 3rd team, it works well with it all under my management i97 are the elites, v97 are the novices, and there can be a third elite or novice 97 to help the lesser players.

i97 and v97 scrim weekendly and have much fun, with competititive minds and slandering, it becomes a feeling of survival of the fittest, I like to reward my mvp players with free arcanas and/or treasures or certain sets they want. When prizes or bets are present, it makes everything that much more interesting.

And I'd be happy to spend 1.5 hours on saturday and 2 hours on sundays managing future tournaments and ways for them to happen, and I do believe that all players should get Discord and make a CG Channel, there is a I97 one if anyone wants to come hang out.


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9:54pm Apr 21st 16

Have no issue running more tournaments. Let us know what you guys want, and we can come up with something.


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10:22am Apr 22nd 16


We at Renegade Gaming would be able to provide the venue for tournaments in collaboration if that helps. This is our first ever dota 2 league/competition and we are happy to host more if there are significant interest out there. Feel free to message us on our facebook page for more details.


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2:11pm Apr 22nd 16

Have no issue running more tournaments. Let us know what you guys want, and we can come up with something.

Quote from Cyanide. on the 21st of April 2016


i believe we should bring back ixdl-aus
it was the pinnacle of aus dota

thank you


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4:48pm Apr 24th 16

Clutch Studio is 100% keen to support any growth in the Oceanic Dota scene.

Feel free to get in touch with us if there's anything we can do to help! Our email is [email protected]

Props to you Spekyr for making the effort!

Producer of Clutch Studio


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6:20pm Apr 24th 16

I replicate Eden's comments here, we are totally prepared to work with you to figure out what we can do together to bring more DotA 2 to the scene and help it grow. Either get in touch with us through the email Eden provided are send one through to my personal one, [email protected]

We look forward to working with you,


fish guy

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10:11pm Apr 24th 16

can u guys revive ixdl thank u