SYF GAMING announces new Count...

SYF GAMING announces new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup

SYF GAMING announces new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup

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8:20pm Apr 30th 16

Melbourne, Australia
April 30, 2016

SYF GAMING is proud to return back to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive foray with the acquisition of the former Frenetic Array line-up. Captained by veteran Daniel "forge" Fox it seemed only natural to align with equally-embedded SYF GAMING which is approaching its 9th birthday in May. The new squad also welcomes back Andrew "ino" Foster and Reece "Squishy" Liney represent our brand once again.

The core lineup is:
Reece "Squishy" Liney
Brady "KStaar" Kindt
Andrew "Catalyst" Plummer
Andrew "ino" Foster
Daniel "forge" Fox

The team and I are very grateful for the chance to play under the SYF GAMING banner. SYF GAMING as an organisation has really come on in leaps and bounds over the last year and we're excited to help drive that momentum into the near future and beyond.

On a personal note I'm really happy to be playing for another organisation that shares my views on long term development, mutual contribution and a team first mentality.

Quote from Team Captain Daniel "forge" Fox:

SYF GAMING is proud to be signing on a CSGO team which embodies and embraces many of our core organisation goals, culture and beliefs. We look forward to working hard with this new lineup - and strive in developing and furthering the already remarkable abilities of both the team and its players. With an experienced background and history behind each player, we're thrilled to welcome the team to our organisation as we continue gaining momentum through the 2016 eSports calendar.

Quote from Managing Director of SYF GAMING Jeremy 'Spud' Tate:


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8:20pm Apr 30th 16

Grats, back to syf I see!


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8:21pm Apr 30th 16

Welcome, Welcome.


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8:21pm Apr 30th 16

forge daddy!!!!!
yeah amazing to see syf back, good luck with the team


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8:23pm Apr 30th 16


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8:24pm Apr 30th 16

good team and org, congrats


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8:27pm Apr 30th 16

As a former member of SYF I can only say this is a incredible move for both parties well done!


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8:29pm Apr 30th 16

congatz ::::)))))))))))))))


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8:31pm Apr 30th 16

Called it 3 days ago m8


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8:32pm Apr 30th 16



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8:34pm Apr 30th 16

Look forward to representing you guys


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8:37pm Apr 30th 16

A huge welcome aboard to the new players and a welcome back to some familiar faces. We're honestly thrilled to be back in the scene.


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8:39pm Apr 30th 16

Welcome back SYF. Congrats Forge


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8:42pm Apr 30th 16

forgeyboy reppin MSI once more


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8:56pm Apr 30th 16