The 108th Assault Regiment Ann...

The 108th Assault Regiment Announcement!!!!

The 108th Assault Regiment Announcement!!!!

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17th May 2016
Brisbane, Australia

The 108th Assault Regiment ('108th' for short or 'The Regiment' :P) would like to announce our Gaming Clan! Yes i know what you are thinking "OMG Just some more losers on the internet", but no, we are a new Gaming Clan looking to reach out to players from all games, whatever you play, you are accepted!

We are a friendly clan of guys (and some girls) that play a range of games (CS:GO, Smite, Dota, Diablo, Arma, you name it, we probably play it!) and look to do events in the near future (Giveaways, Streaming Events, LANs etc.), with the help of new dedicated members the 108th will truly grow!

Reach The 108th on Social Media!

We are a 18+ Gaming Clan as we don't really want youngsters being mixed in with adults (Drink gaming essentially :P), the average age of the clan at the moment is around 18-20, so don't be afraid to SIGN-UP!. We currently have around 80 members signed up on the forums page, so don't think we are so small!

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