Competitive Ruling: Alpha Sydney

Competitive Ruling: Alpha Sydney

Competitive Ruling: Alpha Sydney

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11:10am Jul 27th 16

Team: Alpha Sydney

Player Concerned: Swifty

Date of ruling: 27/07/2016

Information: The CyberGamer admin team has determined that a member of one team (Alpha Sydney) was in direct violation of the CyberGamer SMITE Pro League Official Ruleset at the date of 26/07/2016.

Ruling: Due to a number of offensive social media posts by the aformentioned player, the CyberGamer admin team will be imposing a one match ban on the player. This will come into affect immediately and as a result the player will be ineligible for the Week 10 matches of the SMITE OPL.

Relevant Rule:
Rule 18 - Any offensive behavior is strictly prohibited and can result in being disqualified from the game, league, tournament or CyberGamer depending on the severity of the issue at hand.


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11:12am Jul 27th 16