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Cybergamer Season 3 Main Division Finals

Cybergamer Season 3 Main Division Finals

Thread started by Krackerjak on Wednesday, 7:58pm August 3rd. Views: 580


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7:58pm Aug 3rd 16

Another huge weekend of Rocket League lies ahead of us, kicking off with CGm finals on Saturday at 11am!

Mayne eSports
Reload eSports
The Drongos

Finals Format
The 4 teams have been placed in a Double Elimination bracket. This means that teams must lose twice before they are knocked out of the competition. However, the winner's bracket finalist will receive a 1 round advantage in the Grand Final. All games will be Best-of-7.

Saturday, 6th of August - 11:00AM AEST

Prize Distribution
Total Prize Pool: $225

1st - $150
2nd - $75

Good luck everyone!

The Rocket League Administration Team

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12:29am Aug 6th 16

We've worked things out and tomorrow will be a great day of CGm Rocket League. We'll be casting from 11am - ~3pm (depending on game length) on Beatnik is the camera/production man for Saturday, and we'll be having guests for each match to come cast with us. First guest will be Nerd!

For those interested, once the weekend is over, anyone can approach me with ideas for community streamed events and I can hand them the stream key so you can stream cool community related events in one place!