Looking for a Pos 2 4k+

Looking for a Pos 2 4k+

Looking for a Pos 2 4k+

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7:44pm Aug 10th 16

My name is Josh/Maleko.

Team Name: Team Titan (Ign: 'eg.Titan.Maleko')

Server(s): Australia

General Team Level: 4k Team looking for our last member.

Team Goals: We are a serious team that is looking to compete in many online tournaments we have competed in from past teams but have come together to form this team.

Types of Players you are looking for: We are looking for a new player that can play position 2 with a range of hero pool in the Mid Lane.

Team Schedule: We are a team that does work and train for sports so our training for Dota times is 4 times a week minimum.

Previous Achievements: We are a new team and havernt competed in any tournaments however with a new player we will be entering in asap.

Who to contact and how: Add myself Via steam at

Add me here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/malekoo