OEM Interview: Tucks from Team...

OEM Interview: Tucks from Team ASDF

OEM Interview: Tucks from Team ASDF

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Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I did any player interviews so I'm back with some more! One of my objectives for doing these interviews is to focus on the events that happened to a certain player or team in the past, which they may have never had the chance to voice out publicly or something that none of us would have known. The other parts I will focus on is anything related to CS, our scene and of course, CyberGamer's Oceania eSports Master LAN Finals this weekend!

Last time, I did a "Who's that player?" interview series featuring Chris "Dexter" Nong (ex-Chiefs) and Joshua "INS" Potter (ex-Corvidae). So for this interview, it'll be someone who has competed in tournaments with those two, with INS being associated with his current team. Please welcome Tyler "Tucks" Reilly from Team ASDF Brotherhood, as my first guest interview for OEM!

Hey Tucks, first things first, what is your history as a Counter-Strike player? Did you play any other games at a high competitive level?

Tucks: Hi mate, my history as a Counter-Strike player started in Counter-Strike: Source, where I joined a team called Conspiracy and we won CyberGamer Amateur together. After that season, I decided I wasn't really enjoying CS anymore and started playing League of Legends, before coming back to CS:GO in 2013.

How did Team ASDF form and what are each players' roles in the team?

Tucks: Lightstep and I formed Team ASDF Brotherhood because we wanted to build our own team. We trialled many different players to find the right fit. After the trials, we decided on picking up Malta (ex-Incept) as we enjoyed playing with him and he a lot a talent inside him.

A couple of weeks later, INS from Corvidae contacted us asking if we would be interested in bringing him and Alistair into the team. Seeing their recent success and solid LAN performance, we thought this was a no-brainer and went ahead with both of them.

Our roles are quite loose, except we have Lightstep as our In-Game Leader and Alistair as our main awper.

What's the difference between playing under Lightstep (again) and Ferg from Exile5, who both have a considerable amount of IGL experience?

Tucks: I think the biggest difference between them, is that Lightstep is a much more aggressive caller, whereas Ferg's style is a bit more passive and tries to work on rotations more.

Last year, you won two National LANs at ACL Melbourne and MSi CGPL Season 4 with the same lineup but under two different organisations, Team Skyfire and Chiefs.ESC respectively. Would you say that was the most successful part of your career as a player?

Tucks: Absolutely, winning both those nationals, especially PAX was awesome! I was very lucky to be able to play with that team and come from what was a Division 2 team in Dynasty to a Top 4 team in Chiefs. Also made great friends out of it too!

However, you haven't had the same success when you played for Team Exile5 earlier this year in CGPL Autumn 2016, falling out in the group stage. Coming into the OEM Finals, how is the team preparation going and I'm assuming you won't be satisfied except for a 1st place finish, correct?

Tucks: Team preparation has been a bit slow the past couple of weeks. Lightstep just recently had a baby girl, so we took a week break for that. We are only getting back into practice in the last week or so. We are a bit sloppy individually and with teamplay, but I'm confident we will be back in good form by the time OEM comes around. You are correct that we are expecting nothing but 1st place!

What are your thoughts on CyberGamer having your CGp matches on HLTV.org and CSGOLounge this season?

Tucks: It's great! Loving what CyberGamer has done lately and yourself as well with HLTV.org! Really appreciate everything you guys do :)

Any feedback regarding this season or improvements CyberGamer should make next season?

Tucks: Not much feedback for this season, I personally would like to have matches on a Sunday next season at like 4-5pm. It would help us finish a few games in a row on stream instead of just 1 match a night!

A topic I always wanted to touch on is your VAC Ban and it's no secret to anyone. It prevented you from competing in the IEM Taipei ANZ Invite Qualifier with Chiefs, earlier in the year. You were later released from the team after their rather successful Top 4 placing at the Asian Minor. From an outside point of view, the ban was holding them back from competing in international tournaments and possibly the reason behind your release. Is there anything you want to say about this matter?

Tucks: I received my VAC Ban for cheating, just a little over 2 years ago. The state of mind I had when I decided to cheat at that time, was clearly not a good one. It's an incredibly stupid decision I made. I regret it everyday as I never really thought I would be where I am now and where CS:GO in general would be to this day.

Moving forward, being limited to compete in our local scene. What are your goals for 2016 and beyond?

Tucks: My goals will always be the absolute best in the scene and to win any event I can compete in. With ESL coming in hot this year and hopefully next year, my motivation has gone up a whole new level.

With many of our most experienced players in our region retiring this year. Your team and a few others are leading the storm. Where do you see our scene in the coming future? Do you think we will ever see a Oceanic team make it to the playoffs of a major or win an international tournament against the best teams in the world?

Tucks: It's a tough question to answer regarding an Oceania team winning an international event. I think a team with 5 of the best players in our scene, a great caller and the dedication to improve and win could take it to the very best. There is a new team that I think is on the right track, which consists of Zewsy, Ofnu, Ap0c, Emagine and Dexter. Honestly, I think it comes down to whether they can stay motivated and stick it out for the long-run. With Valve cracking down on skin gambling sites, I think this is going to lead to less opportunities for Australian teams to compete overseas full-time.

Thanks for answering my questions, any last words you want to say before we wrap this up?

Tucks: No problem mate, thanks for having me. #TeamASDFBrotherhood #TeamASDF

Feel free to chuck Tucks a follow on twitter as his team faces the runners-up of the ESL ANZ Championships S1 Finals, Parallax in their semi-final matchup this Saturday, 20th August at 7pm AEST! You can tune into the stream here


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Never forget that vac ban.


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his neckbeard is beautiful

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can't wait to watch you play in 5 days, ASDF hyppppeppeee


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"Last time, I did a "Who's that player?" interview series featuring Chris "Dexter" Nong (ex-Chiefs) and Joshua "INS" Potter (ex-Corvidae)."

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