Overwatch Ladder/Tournament Ru...

Overwatch Ladder/Tournament Rules Changes

Overwatch Ladder/Tournament Rules Changes

Thread started by Haydz on Thursday, 11:58pm September 15th. Views: 474


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11:58pm Sep 15th 16

Hey guys,

I would like to announce some changes to the Overwatch ruleset, That we will be using for ladder/tournaments from now on.

- Stopwatch system no longer being used (due to blizzards new timebank system working well and being simple)
- New map Eichenwalde being added
- Assault maps now unbanned and added to map pool, including Hanamura, Temple of Anubis and Volskaya Industries

These changes should not only make gameplay smoother, but also keeps our community in line with international tournaments/rules.

Haydz/Overwtach Admins