AU/NZ Amateur Major

AU/NZ Amateur Major

AU/NZ Amateur Major

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9:16pm Oct 24th 16


There is another tournament that is happening very soon.

Date:10-16 November

Organised by CMD tournaments, there is an AU/NZ Amateur tournament

Online tournament

Groups > Playoffs


For more details
check here :)

In addition check out my oceanic discord channel I made :)

12:30pm Oct 25th 16

Just some concerns and queries;

Under the major format for the group stage, teams in each group won't necessarily play against every other team in their group.

How do you intend to split a prize such as a $20 gift card between the winners fairly?

What happens if less than 16 teams register?


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12:46pm Oct 25th 16

Thanks for the questions,
One of the tournament organisers has joined my discord channel his name is Kil'jaden so feel free to pm or talk in the oceanic tournaments text channel :)

Use the @<user> to mention the person.