Rule Amendment: Match Settings...

Rule Amendment: Match Settings - Death Cam

Rule Amendment: Match Settings - Death Cam

Thread started by Tobotimus on Tuesday, 4:18pm November 22nd. Views: 1,046


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4:18pm Nov 22nd 16

Hi everyone,

At long last we are going to be turning off death cam in CG matches. This is to assist balance in that death cams provide free, unnecessary information. Also, since the introduction of BattlEye, we can rely more on anti-cheat than our own judgement from death cams to determine whether or not a player is cheating.

Everyone, please update your CyberGamer Match Playlist so that death cams are off. For those who are interested, this is how the playlist should be set up:

Hereford Base
Club House
Presidential Plane
Kafe Dostoyevsky

Team Size: 5
Maps: Bo1 (except finals which are a bo3)
Time of the Day: Day
HUD Settings: Pro League 2016

Match Settings
Number of Rounds: 8
Attacker/Defender role swap: 1
Overtime: 3 Rounds
Overtime score difference: 2
Overtime role change: 1
Objective Rotation Parameter: 1
Attacker Unique Spawn: On
Damage handicap: 100
Friendly fire damage: 100
Injured: 20
Sprint: On
Lean: On
Death Replay: Off

Game Mode: TDM - Bomb

Game Mode Settings
Plant duration: 7
Defuse duration: 7
Fuse time: 45
Defuser Carrier Selection: On
Preparation: 45
Action: 180

Quote from Rules

Note this is identical to the rules used for ESL.

Thanks everyone. Please PM me if you have any concerns.



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4:30pm Nov 22nd 16

Just confirming that this rule change is in effect all ladder matches following this announcement.