Dual Monitor help

Dual Monitor help

Thread started by TEHSPD on Saturday, 9:09pm December 3rd with 3 replies. Views: 417


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9:09pm Dec 3rd 16


So i want to run dual monitors, 1 for gaming the other for browsing etc. used to do this with my gtx950 easy because it had 2 DVI ports..

However my new gfx card, ASUS Radeon rx480 only has 1 DVI PORT, but has 2 HDMI ports.

is it possible to run my gaming monitor to the hdmi port and my 2nd to the DVI port, since my 2nd monitor doesnt have a HDMI port at the back of it....

will this cause any issues running 1 into hdmi and 1 into dvi?

is my new gfx card below if you need a pic for reference of the ports.


Thanks in advance.


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10:36am Dec 4th 16

Yea but u wont get 144hz. Buy an adapter from office works or somewhere else. And there will be no issue running on different cords. Both my pcs have 2 monitors and i have a dvi and hdmi on both and it works fine


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10:45am Dec 4th 16

You shouldn't run in to any issues, unless you have a 144hz monitor. In which case you connect your gaming monitor through DisplayPort not HDMI.

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4:42pm Dec 7th 16

You won't get the refresh rate through DVI-D, but yeah like Hrnsack said, I do the same
TV HDMI plugged in for couch gaming and movies, and DVI-D for my browsing monitor and light gaming.