Office PC Build

Office PC Build

Thread started by VaRiiS on Saturday, 11:16pm January 7th with 4 replies. Views: 502


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11:16pm Jan 7th 17

Hi all!,

I need some advice on a great office PC with a budget of $600 or so. Just need a system that can multi-task programs well and run excel that contains complicated formulas.

I already have some parts that I found:




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10:48am Jan 8th 17

You really can't go wrong with an i3/ssd combo


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1:51pm Jan 8th 17

Could probs get an even cheaper mobo, just from looking $100 seems to me to be a bit much, I haven't had a look so if that's the cheapest don't worry.

If you're not using it for your own business you could probs source windows 10 alternatively if you catch my drift.

Opz [AR]

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3:20pm Jan 8th 17

You can get windows 10 free if you google windows 10 for assisted technology it will pop up its a legit link from microsoft its for people who use on screen keyboard etc etc i mean waaaaattt


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4:04pm Jan 8th 17

ok. thanks for the help!