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9:39pm Mar 5th 17

Alias: Tokao

Age: 18 turning 19 in May

Location: Melbourne. Australia, happy to LAN

Previous Experience: None unless you count FaceIT tournaments.

Aims: Join a team in CGA

Weaknesses: Off days, can rely on myself and be quiet when tilted

Strengths: Entry fragging, can awp, good allrounder, know most smokes for active duty map pool.

Previous Teams: No previous teams :c

Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/tokao/

Esea Profile: https://play.esea.net/users/1218371


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10:12pm Mar 5th 17

Played with this guy multiple times and I've got to say his aim is very impressive. Although the lack of experience in a team he will be a good pickup for any willing to help him. Great pickup for any mid cga team. BOL bro!


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1:49am Mar 9th 17

I'm interested, I added you.
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9:40am Mar 24th 17



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10:29am May 2nd 17

met him in mm when i 5 stacked with my team, impressive aim, very nice sniperrr