Headset advice

Headset advice

Thread started by Maka. on Friday, 10:51pm March 10th with 4 replies. Views: 439


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10:51pm Mar 10th 17

Hey guys, my Logitech G430's have broken and I am in need of a new headset. There are so many to choose from and I have no idea about the quality difference between them all. I would like to spend a max of $120, could someone please recommend me anything decent.


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10:53pm Mar 10th 17

Hyper x cloud 2's or revolvers, otherwise you can't go wrong with the og steelseries siberia v2's


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11:40pm Mar 10th 17

v2's are good but have a limited life as I go through a pair like once every 6months lol which aint too bad since their only 80+ dollars


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11:43pm Mar 10th 17

i got cloud II's after my G430s broke, top notch headset 10/10 would reccomend


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12:18am Mar 11th 17

Otherwise if you can save up a little more dosh, the sennheiser game zero/one's are bloody fantastic