SYF Gaming Announces 2017 Lineup

SYF Gaming Announces 2017 Lineup

SYF Gaming Announces 2017 Lineup

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Newcastle, Australia
March 21, 2016

SYF GAMING is proud to announce our arrival into the Call of Duty scene for the very first time on the console platfrom with the acquisition of players from the former Chiefs, Validate Black and Rebellion line-up. SYF Gaming is coming up to its 10th Anniversary in May and as an organisation we pride ourselves on being one of the biggest proponents of the Australian eSports community. We take eSports seriously as a competition, a form of entertainment, and most importantly a passion that we wish to see thrive in the Australian community in 2017 and beyond. Without further we would like to announce our lineup for the rest of IW Call of Duty.

The core lineup is:
Reef "Eminence" Galloway
Jacob "Fate" Fitzpatrick
Billie-Jacob "Chileanz" Parra
Nate "Bacabec" Munro-Ireland

Today is a good day, after almost a year of scouting and talking to team's we've finally found a team we want to put our weight behind. I'm very excited to be working along side these guys for 2017 and also very happy to welcome SYF Gamings first ever appearance into the console scene

Quote from Team Executive Mackenzie "MKR" Lund

I am very excited to be competing with this roster & proud to be representing SYF Gaming in their first venture into CoD eSports. Now it's time for the team to put in the hard work & hopefully find success in the remainder of the CWL season & ultimately CoD Champs!

Quote from Team Captain Reef "Eminence" Galloway


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6:14pm Mar 21st 17

whos your 5th?


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6:20pm Mar 21st 17

are you lost?


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6:26pm Mar 21st 17

comments are t1^ haha

Good luck but man, solid lineup!


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7:28pm Mar 21st 17

SYF <3


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10:17pm Mar 21st 17

Best SYF player ive played with is @Yates.


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10:58pm Mar 21st 17

I wonder if their eyes get sore from playing all the time


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