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[BYOC LAN - VIC] LAN-slide V19.0 [April 8] - $2,700+ prize pool

[BYOC LAN - VIC] LAN-slide V19.0 [April 8] - $2,700+ prize pool

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LAN-slide is back this Autumn for our 5 year anniversary! LAN-slide is a Bring Your Own PC (BYOC) LAN Party hosted in South East Melbourne. We hold quarterly events (normally during the school holidays), where 300 gamers come down and fight for their lives in around 20 PC / console based competitions. We're excited to announce a total prize pool of over $14,000 worth of prizes and giveaways on the day.

Thanks to the generous support of Intel Australia, we're giving away Intel Skull Cayon NUCs worth over $800.00 AUD each for 1st place! These powerful mini-PCs make for a great portable option for gamers.

The next event is on April 8 (10am start) and registrations are filling up ( Once you've registered for the event, we recommend that you register your team (link below). Whilst you can make a team on the day, it's a generally a little easier to organise it before hand. The website does allow you indicate if you are looking for players (LFP) or that you're an individual looking for a team (LFT).

Rocket League 3v3 -

Even though this is a computer LAN party, you can bring your console down and compete on that. In general, you can play on different devices as long the game supports it. If you have any questions, feel free to post them below.

See ya there!

- Nuke
LAN-slide Event Coordinator