MOSS Anti-Cheat is now mandato...

MOSS Anti-Cheat is now mandatory for all CyberGamer Siege matches

MOSS Anti-Cheat is now mandatory for all CyberGamer Siege matches

Thread started by ThyJebusBeDone on Tuesday, 6:05pm April 4th with 9 replies. Views: 10,077


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6:05pm Apr 4th 17


Please be aware that MOSS is now mandatory for every player for all CyberGamer matches played on the Rainbow Six: Siege ladder.

MOSS Download Link:

MOSS is an anti-cheat that takes low quality screenshots of programs running on your computer. You will be required to upload your MOSS files if requested by a ladder admin. Please keep your MOSS files for 90 days minimum before deleting them.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.



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7:02pm Apr 4th 17

After downloading MOSS save it into a folder by itself and open. You will come to this screen.

After opening MOSS click File/Parameters.

This will open this page. Select Rainbow Six and close.

Once Parameters are set click Capture/start and launch the game

Once finished playing you then need to click Capture/Stop.

This should save a zip file into the folder where MOSS is located for the session it was active.

Keep these safe for when Jebus/Tobo ask or just upload directly to the match page to safe any hassle :)


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9:16pm Apr 4th 17

@Dealzz beat me to it but in case instructions are still unclear I made a video tutorial.


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10:59am Apr 9th 17

Thank you, Dealzz and Tobo for the guides!

Please note that random MOSS checks will be happening throughout the seasons.


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6:51pm Sep 4th 18

Yo just wondering if moss is safe to use because it seems a bit sketchy?


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8:01pm Sep 5th 18

we have been using it for a couple years now. its fine and is a requirement for cybergamer and ESL.


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4:31pm Sep 6th 18 - in reply to Dealzz's post

Yea but
IDK they look a bit like false positives as they are all from sh** anti-viruses. This is mainly becose MOSS encrypts files and some anti-virus get scared when that happens.


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5:35pm Sep 6th 18

alot of anticheat programs can be picked up as a false positive due to the nature of how they work.

esl/cg would not use it unless it was safe so dont worry friend

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1:23am Jun 25th 19

Hie Guys I am New here


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3:50pm Apr 6th 20 - in reply to ThyJebusBeDone's post

i tried to download moss for a tournament this weekend and my anti-virus wont let me download it what do i do