lagging issues in siege

lagging issues in siege

lagging issues in siege

Thread started by SnAKKNos on Thursday, 7:37pm May 18th with 2 replies. Views: 902


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7:37pm May 18th 17

my mate asked me to do this for him, we have been playing for months fine no lag no nothing but last night he just randomly started lagging. He is located in the EAU region and nothing has changed since "apart from the weekly uplay update". Has anyone else experienced this issue?


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7:51pm May 18th 17

Nothing on my end, could be a hardware option on his end such as ram which stutters the game if you don't have enough. Other than that no idea


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8:52pm May 18th 17

my pc started to stuff up as well. I did this and it seems a lot better -