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Alias: Roflko

Age: 18

Location: Melbourne

Role: Looking to join an already structured team withing Mid/High CGA as well as attend LANs and participate in various tournaments. Can Entry/Lurk/Support. I can awp quite well however choose to only when the team needs it. Wanting a team that wants to grind and dedicate the hours needed.

Previous Teams: -qlimax5 Roflko,Waga,brightside,dellzie, Rysei SUB: Biggie G and Enzoe
-M1ndFreaks Roflko,DOX,Crazzi,Flamed,spraTic
-Flow Roflko,Blade,DemiGod,DemiS,JirsonS

Experience: 4,103 Hours on record (Cs Go)
-(Flow) 6th at ZEN Gaming Lounge Lan (Melbourne) Day 1 2017
-(Flow) 4th at Cydus 2016 LAN $200
-4th at ZEN Gaming Lounge Lan (Melbourne) Day 2 2017
-CGA S11 - 26th with qlimax5 (Roflko, Big G, WaGGa, Brightside, Rysei (sub) (Dellzie,Enzoe)

Availability: -Monday-Sunday 4pm-9pm (Thursdays After 7pm)
-Weekends can do earlier
-Any Day

Strengths: -Heavy knowledge of the game
-Strong Aim/Spray Control
-Time/Dedication (Can put in the hours to grow with the team)
-Positive Mindset within team environment
-Very hard to tilt
-Can attend LANs
-Aim Duels

Weaknesses: -Can get over aggressive in game/Aim duels
- Grenade knowledge/Certain smokes (Will learn them)
- IGLing can lead to my focus not being on aiming



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5:28pm Oct 9th 17

mid-high easy e, actually a chill dude so no toxin personalities pls ty.


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5:31pm Oct 9th 17

mid-high easy e, actually a chill dude so no toxin personalities pls ty.

Quote from Gil- on the 9th of October 2017
your picture lying fam


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5:32pm Oct 9th 17

Very Sharp Shooter, and if placed in the right team can go big easy high CGA

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5:34pm Oct 9th 17

james is the type of nigga to fail his history test because anything before him didn't exist


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5:40pm Oct 9th 17

future star of fnatic, pick him up now while no one knows his true skillzzzzzz, EASY high cga.

Plus look at this nibbas dedication, 97 hours in the past two weeks, that's almost as high as his average ADR on esea. Dudes sharp as heckers.


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5:52pm Oct 9th 17

Needs a place for his dinner plate sized nipples to compete at a mid-high A level, strong individual that can be V. fitting in a strong squad of shooters.

pick him up cucks


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5:52pm Oct 9th 17

Sucked my dick once at lan and used his teeth. Can probs do very well in CGO if he gets carried by some SEM's. Pick him up boys BOL <3

Easy high cga


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6:28pm Oct 9th 17

I have only had good experiences with Roflko, from the few games I've played with him, I know that he is a very dedicated player who only strives to be the best. Roflko can change the way a game goes just from his actions and attitude. He will easily fit well into a core High CGa spot with players that have the same mindset as him. BOL my man.


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7:01pm Oct 9th 17

guy is super chill and nice, never tilts, always has a positive attitude and very easy to get a long with. bol my dude


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8:32pm Oct 9th 17

Hes super nice and real chill, plays well and is very calm 10/10 would bang. BOL


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3:41am Oct 10th 17

good gamer, hypes you up, always positive. high cga gl


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3:34pm Mar 12th 19

cga min


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low-mid cga bol! real potential in this kid =D one to watch