<AGN> Australian Gaming Networ...

<AGN> Australian Gaming Network - Building a professional team.

<AGN> Australian Gaming Network - Building a professional team.

Thread started by AGN_Siken on Thursday, 11:38pm October 19th with 7 replies. Views: 3,642


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11:38pm Oct 19th 17

Team Name

AGN - Australian Gaming Network

Website: www.agn-au.com
Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/AgnaAu/

Don't want to join the team but wish to support what we do and the Australian community? Jump on board to our group and get involved in upcoming events and tournaments! Currently Melbourne and Brisbane based.



Team Level

Team 1: 3, MMR 2k-3k.

Team 2: 5, MMR 4k+.

Team Goals

We're hoping to play at a professional level, our team is quite new and everything we do is focused on building for the long term.

Team Schedule

Team 1: Tuesday / Saturday. 8 PM - 11 PM. Melbourne

Team 2: TBA. Brisbane

Note: Hours will increase as we get closer to completing our teams and entry into tournaments, training is mostly done online however at times we do meet up at one of our partnered gaming lounges for practice. Interested? Put an application in through our website.



Email: [email protected]
Facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008172067689


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11:48pm Nov 7th 17

Bump, still seeking two for Melbourne team.

2:44pm Sep 18th 19

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8:11pm Nov 30th 19

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8:17pm May 19th 20

Are you still looking for team members?


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