andrew and MentalJack LFT CGa

andrew and MentalJack LFT CGa

andrew and MentalJack LFT CGa

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6:56pm Nov 27th 17

Looking to play together in a team in the next season of CGa and possibly other online leagues and ODCs
Not likely to play on LANs due to being based in brisbane and perth

andrew/apealmighty on CG, 25

MentalJack, 23

Previous exp:
Andrew -
Half season of CGA (Cops: andrew, Creama, Quan, Whitearmor, Grayson),
Team disbanded due to scheduling conflicts

Jack -
10+ years of CS, local LANs/tournaments in CSS/1.6
Multiple competitive seasons of CoD4 Promod, CGA/M

Improve as players, get more league exp, play more structured CS

Andrew -
+ Good CT pistols, decent entries, good bursting accuracy with rifles
+ Don't rage/give up, don't troll with a big lead
+ Clutchness
+ Mindful of bomb location
- Spraying accuracy somewhat sloppy especially with M4
- Need more succinct comms
- Sometimes overstay when trying to hold sites

Jack -
+ Confident solo anchor and clutcher
+ Good AWPer/scouter
+ Good 2nd entry, good flash usage on pushes
- Can sometimes tilt
- Limited smoke knowledge

Both ready to scrim and put the time in to do as well as possible, free most nights til late