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open to any trials (just wanting to see my options) :)

entry, support

- i tend to speak my mind a lot, meaning it could affect others who don't agree
- i still work on my smokes and flashes since I don't know them all
- i do tilt, normally when comms arent up and i make a dumb play, but have worked on it a lot recently

- good understanding of basic flashes, smokes, etc on most maps.
- can play passive or aggressive when needed
- i can also do a lot of strat work and watching demos etc
- very motivated to play all the time if the team puts in the effort aswell
- as of recent i feel like i keep everyone in the zone ingame

normally free sunday-thursday 5-11pm

Cortex eSports - Jeongy, nope, StingRayz, turbo
CINQ - brightside, Everyshot, jayk, shaw
Unearthed - crown, leavlathan, hurr1cane, strat0s
team content - doris, dreams, lew, trippy
villainz - james, cozeh, phen, rev

1st-4th CGM FFYI - Cortex Esports

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11:31pm Dec 3rd 17

x l a t a z

good shooter, lovely guy

bol man


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11:33pm Dec 3rd 17

a fantastic entry/solo site player from my short time playing with the man,
he is also extremely dedicated to the grind and is constantly looking for ways to better himself as a player.

ez HIGH A , dont waste this nibbas time.


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11:35pm Dec 3rd 17

really fucking sharp player pick dis nibba upppp


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11:46pm Dec 3rd 17

Solid player and nice guy! High A


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12:14am Dec 4th 17

l a t o t h e m e x i c a n d r u g l o r d i s h i g h A

P I C K M E U P !!!


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1:51am Dec 4th 17

sometimes good shooter high a


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1:50pm Dec 4th 17

this mexican shooter is a god. high a bol


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2:06pm Dec 4th 17

Lato is super dedicated to playing and improving. Mechanics are looking sharp and he puts a lot of thought into strats/setups.
I'd reckon lato could easily make finals next season with a likeminded team. Bol


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8:39pm Dec 4th 17

Sharp lil cookie can tap heads and anchor site well high cga min BOl


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7:29pm Dec 5th 17

High A, constantly wanting to improve


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8:50pm Dec 14th 17

This dude is a seriously top bloke and an awesome shooter. Defs recommend <3


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High A BOL