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7:26pm Dec 27th 17

Age: 18
Preferred Role: Rifler / Entry Fragger

i am currently looking to join a team that is at least high level CGO or in CGA.


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7:27pm Dec 27th 17

Has no experience but is very sharp and can open up sites well. Would be a good pick up for a high cgo or even a decent cga team bol


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7:41pm Dec 27th 17

ur last thread was better
"age: 18"
good chat


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9:00pm Dec 27th 17

played against him a few times, seems pretty sharp.

High O-Low A BOL


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1:59am Dec 28th 17

played against twice, good kid and is decent @ game

high o bol


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5:46am Dec 28th 17

Seems like a decent bloke, played a few games with him Bol high o low a


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11:26am Jan 6th 18

I am currently looking for another team once again.