A few Dota ANZ tournaments hap...

A few Dota ANZ tournaments happening right now

A few Dota ANZ tournaments happening right now

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3:40am Jan 12th 18

For some reason I couldn't find the other threads of the Dota 2 forum section but with a small amount of lurkers still around to see this thread I'm just simply spreading the message of current and future tournaments in the ANZ scene.

For those that don't know recently, ESL announced a competition involving a series of qualifiers to a LAN event with a 10,000k prizepool in June. It's the first time they have done this and its great see them supporting Dota 2

I've made a google doc regarding this so that players, viewers and others can see what is happening in our competitive scene (yes its small but it would do for now). It would be updated throughout the year so that people can keep track


Any questions let me know below