CGi and CGa player requirement...

CGi and CGa player requirements between seasons

CGi and CGa player requirements between seasons

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The injected requirements from the existing/previous system have the following changes
You can create an injected team for the relegation with a squad of 4 or 5 (instead of only 4).
You require:
- 3 of your players have played more than half of the matches of the CGi/gold season just completed.

Immediately after the relegation your roster is locked and you are able to make one player change for the following season. You are advised to enter the relegation with a roster of 5 if possible.

Previous System:

Hello everyone, it is important to clearly state the requirements for how team changes are handled between seasons in the future. This thread should cover all situations, please also make sure you've read the road map thread.

All CGa rosters are 6 players and all CGi rosters are 5 players. There is no difference between a sub and a core player like other games on CG have, how many matches they play is the only factor.

The odd CGi team will be allowed to have 6 players if essential, they will have stricter player requirements enforced on them to maintain their team between seasons. (Thus far 95%+ of CGi teams have no problem with 5 player roster).

During both the CGi and CGa season there is a roster lock roughly mid-way through the season, after this point no changes to your roster are allowed without admin approval. Admin approval will generally only be granted in exceptional circumstances (hospital emergency etc) and will depend on who you wish to add to your team.

For CGi, at the end of each season the top 8 teams retain their spot, provided they can maintain 3 players from their roster. If one or more top 8 team is unable to maintain their roster, the 9th/10th team will be invited (provided they also meet the requirements).

The remaining CGi teams that are also able to maintain 3 of their players are eligible to compete in the relegation series with the top 8 teams from CGa.

The relegation series will also accept some "injected teams" that meet the following criteria:
3 of your players have played more than half of the matches of the CGi/gold season just completed. (ie currently 10 matches for the season).

EDIT: Injected teams can only have a roster of 4 for the relegation. ie 3 of your 4 players are from CGi. After the relegation if you qualify you can add any 5th to your roster. ( If you have 4 players that meet the requirements then you can have a roster of 5 for the relegation)

It may be expanded to include teams that make finals in other pro leagues in Australia.

The CGa teams that come top 8 in the season and qualify in the relegation series must continue to maintain at least 3 of their players that were on their roster during the CGa finals+relegation. Their roster will then be reduced to 5 players.

As such, during the CGi season (before roster lock) whenever you make a change to your team, your roster essentially needs to continue to maintain 3 players from the previous season.

Currently each CGi season is planned to be 18 teams, but it may reduce to 16 teams, it is intended that 8 are maintained from the previous CGi season and all of the remainder are added via the relegation to meet the required number of competitors.

In the future we may wish to expand CGi to two groups of 14-16, this would be a significant change and we would provide as much notice as possible. Most likely we would maintain the existing relegation format with minimal changes and add an additional qualifier for the extra teams.



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3:28am Feb 2nd 18

Any thought on charging a one off entry for teams to enter CGa and CGi rather than needing them to maintain a subscription?

I noticed tonight and last night to a degree that the numbers of teams in CGa actually playing was barely enough to even start a game. I don't think it's a shock that this happens to be around the same time as the free premiums are running out. Teams who can't make it to top 16, won't sub.

If you were to charge an entry fee, even like $50-$60 per team and then work out a prize pool from that you already have the money and it doesn't matter if they drop out half way. Considering the amount of people who are playing with premium that they didn't have to pay for anyway, this would work out better for you guys, and possibly would provide a more constant flow of teams being there for the games.

Was a little sad playing in a game with 8 full teams, a duo and a solo twice tonight, knowing that you've already scored points before you leave the plane.