Looking for members Casual/Ser...

Looking for members Casual/Serious

Looking for members Casual/Serious

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4:20pm Mar 22nd 18

Team: Pheros

We're looking to start a team and possibly an org in future. We don't mind if you're a serious player or a casual player we believe there's always room to grow.
We won't personally be playing so we are looking for 5 players whether you're new or seasoned in competitive that's cool with us. Our main role will to be to help financially where we can as well as manage an online image for the players/team. We plan on entering into various CG Tournaments once we have an established team. We realise this is a long shot but we know there are good players out there just waiting for someone to give them a go.

Looking for all positions within R6 People with multiple skill sets advantageous

Discord: https://discord.gg/c6JdFKR
Steam: BasedPineapple
Google Form (We'll contact you) :https://goo.gl/forms/N3cdkYBNWmywMiqx1


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8:06pm Jun 9th 18

text me on email: [email protected]