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Heyo boyos, i dont mind where i end up as long as its with positive, like-minded folk who atleast know the basics and have good bants.

Name: Thanatar
Age: 24
Location: Adelaide

Esea-O playoffs Round 2
LAN 5th-8th Adelaide $3000 GIGABYTE LAN
ESL ANZ Championship #2 - #5 passed groupstage to playoffs in cup #5

Previous teams:
LGN United: vDeadline, keeyto, Dubzzy, Batsii, Thanatar
CometGG: Thanatar, Proficient6, Batsii, Aycer, trplex
5FOLD: Thanatar, Moopher, Scoot, Turb, Trance
Surge: Thanatar, Bewgz, JKR, Coppa, Inform, Hayapi
Downfall red: Thanatar, ajm, neeb, gigs, reid


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7:28pm May 13th 18

This man is a gaymer needs the best quality of teammates so no cgo speds that think they can win A. Bol High CGa ez finals boss



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7:28pm May 13th 18

BOL good player


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7:52pm May 13th 18

Sharp with a fucking huge McBrain High A


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8:58pm May 13th 18

one of the smartest if not the smartest
+rep good trader
high cga+


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9:25pm May 13th 18

absolute fucking weapon


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10:15pm May 13th 18

frikin jesus of the game. high cga only plebs


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10:46pm May 13th 18

Pity-coached me once, gave me a couple of brain cells and now I'm back on track. Get him in ur team and he'll do the same x100.


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11:28pm May 13th 18

10/10 gamer


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11:45pm May 13th 18

good man, good handshakes, good calls.


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9:22am May 14th 18

doesn't care about my screaming for some reason high A


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8:43pm Feb 11th 19

heh bump


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8:51pm Feb 11th 19

good guy, smart and sharp, bol brother


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11:10pm Feb 11th 19

nice guy good player


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1:06am Feb 22nd 19

swole fella