PUBG Squads FPP Season 4 Releg...

PUBG Squads FPP Season 4 Relegation

PUBG Squads FPP Season 4 Relegation

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The relegations are BO9 and will be held over Wednesday and Thursday 23rd/24th May from 7pm Sydney time. The lobby will be created at 6:45pm, you will need to queue on the website at the link below.

Relegation is for 20 teams and will elect 8 teams into the next CGi season, with the intention for CGi to be 18 teams. The teams so far in relegation can be viewed here:

All teams need to finalize their roster which meets the player requirements by 7pm Sydney time tomorrow. Any injected teams need to contact me here or on discord by then.

After the cut-off the 11th+ from CGa will be added to bring it to 20 teams (provided they also meet the requirements).

After the relegation is over if any of the 18 qualified CGi teams pull-out of the season the replacement will be 9th from the relegation.

The next CGa season will start on Wednesday the 30th of May, the CGi season will start on June 6th. Signups will open by the end of the week and more information will be posted then.

The existing road map/rules thread can be viewed here:

Let me know if you have any questions,