CG V6!

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6:47pm May 18th 18

Hi everyone, welcome to the new site, the announcement can be read here:

Any issues you run into can be reported here or in the support section.



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6:54pm May 18th 18

Wow, looks good!


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6:59pm May 18th 18

It'll take some time to get used to I guess....

I see what you're going for.


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7:01pm May 18th 18

Don't know what to think about this.

These features being implemented @Asterix

- Forum Filter
- Search Bar
- Notification Menu


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7:12pm May 18th 18

everything was good until i saw the $18/month !! nooo LOL hahahaha


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7:21pm May 18th 18

It looks awesome, congrats Asterix and all the other staff


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7:26pm May 18th 18

I'm assuming we have to re-sub? i couldn't see an active sub on my account since new update.


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7:36pm May 18th 18

Welcome all!

Asterix is hard at work fixing any issues that come up so bare with us as features and fixes are still being added.


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8:10pm May 18th 18

I like it!


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8:42pm May 18th 18

Looks much better and is far cleaner.

Navigation could use a dash more definition in the page body (looking at CSGO page) but understand you're going for a more minimal overall look. Maybe try darkening the table borders a few shades as a quick fix? Down the track it could do with more clearly defined sections.

I'm at 2560x1440 on the desktop and I find the site much less in your face at 80% zoom. Fits more content on-screen too, especially in the forums. Not sure how other resolutions are faring but also worth considering.


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9:13pm May 18th 18

can we bring highlighted forum posts for premium back?


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10:11pm May 18th 18

Lovely, I noticed a major issue, please check my support ticket. Thanks.


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10:17pm May 18th 18

whats the chance of having a light theme and a dark theme. this current theme is hella bright and would be soothing for having a different style to tone it down a bit