PUBG Gold S4 Information

PUBG Gold S4 Information

PUBG Gold S4 Information

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CyberGamer PUBG Gold (previously known as CGi) is an 18 team division and is a season broken into 2 four week series, with 4 matches played every Wednesday night from 7pm Sydney time.

Match queuing will open at 6:30pm AEST. The lobby will be created at around 6:45pm AEST and the first match will go live at 7pm AEST. You will not need to queue for the 2nd/3rd/4th match of the night, the password will be the same as the first one. You will have 5 minutes to join the lobby between matches, if you have any issues affecting your players you need to post in the private captains chat. Please contact me if your team does not have a representative. Important/official communication is done via the discord channel.

All of your players competing in any match require an active gold subscription. If your team has a sub that only plays a single match/night for the season please get them to open a support ticket and we'll likely give them 24 hours of free-time.

If you play a player without a gold subscription you'll be given a warning and 24 hours to fix it, the second time your match result(s) will be voided. It is a lot of work to monitor this in PUBG and we are required to be very strict or it is unfair on other players. You can purchase/upgrade for your whole team on your PUBG team profile page. If we fail to notice/warn you the first time you'll still have subsequent matches voided once it is noticed, it is your responsibility to ensure you meet the requirements of the competition and it is extremely likely an opponent will notify us of your failure. You will be unable to queue without having at least 4 subscribed members, so it's generally only relevant if your 5th player is in-frequently used, as above we are happy to provide a nights free subscription to a sub that only plays once a season if you notify us in advance.

The map played will be Erangel, the exact rule-set and points/scoring info is here:

The first series will run on Wednesdays from June 6th until June 27th (16 matches).
The second series will run on Wednesdays from July 4th until July 25th (16 matches).

If there is a need to skip a week, all future matches will be pushed back one week.

All teams will be assigned a specific slot in the lobby, this is so casters can recognize teams by their number quickly and easily. Please ensure you quickly shuffle around to get this right as it's a bit of a pain

Prizes for each series will be:
1st: $1000
2nd: 500
3rd: 250
4th: 250

Your overall combined score from both series will be used to determine the overall standings/winner and for relegation purposes. The overall winner will also receive their next seasons fees/subscription time for free.

Roster/Player Requirements
There is no roster lock date for Gold teams. Gold teams are allowed a roster of 5, this roster is set at the start of your week one match. Or if you are entering via relegation, at the start of the relegation (ignored for this season). Throughout the entire 8 week season you are allowed to make one player change at any-time, admin approval is required. Admin approval will generally only be withheld if the change you are making would leave another Gold team without a full squad. League stability is a priority and we'd rather you not force your player problem(s) onto another team in the season, such significant changes can be done after the season concludes.

At the end of the season if you finish in the top 10 you are able to retain your position if you still have 3 players that were on your final weeks roster. You can make any changes to your other two players if required. After that you will be reset to one change allowed for the following season, however you must continue to maintain 3 of your previous seasons players for the first two weeks of the season. If you are unable to do this you should play in the relegation. The 3 players on your roster that you keep need to have played at least one night of matches in the season, ie: not be a permanent sub/manager

Otherwise if you finish out-side the top 10, you are able to enter the relegation as a team if you still have 3 players on your final weeks roster. You can make any changes you would like to your other two players so that you enter the relegation with 4 or 5 players. Immediately after the relegation you are then reset to one change allowed for the entire season. The 3 players on your roster that you keep need to have played at least one night of matches in the season, ie: not be a permanent sub/manager If the team is unable to maintain their slot as a whole you or your players may be able to re-enter the relegation as an injected team if you meet the injected criteria.

Thus for all Gold teams going forward they will have a roster of 4 or 5 that will only change by a single player from the start of the first relegation match through to the final match of the season.

Relegation Information - at the end of the Silver and Gold seasons:
- Top 2 from Silver will directly enter the following gold season, bypassing relegation.
- The top 10 Gold teams will retain their position in the following season, provided they meet the requirements to keep their slot. If any of the top 10 teams are unable to keep their position the team below does not move up and take that spot.
- The remaining Gold teams (bottom 8) enter relegation
- The 3rd to 8th teams in Silver enter relegation
- plus any teams that meet the injected criteria
Relegation should thus be 14-16 teams, - BO9. Likely played out over a Wednesday/Thursday August 1st/2nd (TBC)

- The top 6* from relegation qualify back into Gold. * The amount that qualify will be based on the desired size of the following season (16-20 etc).

Admins joining the CG team for PUBG are: