PUBG Bronze S4 Information

PUBG Bronze S4 Information

PUBG Bronze S4 Information

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Bronze (free) leader-board/seasons for Squads/Duos/Solos have been added here:

These are free casual seasons open to all players (even those competing in the higher divisions), you earn points by competing in the nightly tournaments found on the PUBG home page. The tournament schedule may only be posted a few days in advance, so please check the homepage regularly.

For duo and squads you can compete for multiple teams with any roster you like, the points you earn are essentially assigned/split between the players competing in each individual tournament. You may appear multiple times on the leaderboard if you play with many different team rosters.

The winners of each season will win some free subscription time, to allow them to hopefully move up and join the silver divisions. Whether we run finals for this competitions will be decided later. The schedule of tournaments will likely change over time, so please keep an eye on the PUBG homepage,

As we progress further with these casual tournaments the rules and structure will be refined.