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3:15am Jun 1st 18

rajitgoingdeep (steam)
rajitgoingdeep (uplay)
Alex (IRL)
rajitgoingdeep#9315 (discord)
(btw im not indian)
Age: 14

Location: Perth, WA

Rank: Plat 3
Level: 151

Aims: Join a dedicated, strong team and stay with them.

Strengths: Strategically minded, Fragging, Clutching, team player, versatile (can use any operator if needed)
Weaknesses: greedy (in gunfights)

Experience: Adversum Red, other non-serious teams


these arent the best clips but there are other good ones throughout my videos.


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12:50pm Jun 7th 18

hey mate join the discord and we will see how you go