Announcing: CyberGamer Duos Sa...

Announcing: CyberGamer Duos Sanhok Bronze League

Announcing: CyberGamer Duos Sanhok Bronze League

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Hello everyone, we are excited to announce our brand new Bronze Duos PUBG League starting on the 30th Of June that you can find here
Please read the information below.

CyberGamer Bronze Duos PUBG Sanhok league will start on the 30th of June being run through every Saturday until the 4th of August, 7PM AEST(6 Weeks).
Depending on how the league goes, we might expand it to Bronze/Silver/Gold in future seasons.
You will be able to play a maximum of 4 games a night increasing by 4 each week (To help others who missed out).
The league will have a finals with alongside a prizepool up for grabs. To be able to play the finals you'll need to place in the Top 36 in the overall league.
You're allowed to have a maximum of 1 sub allowing you to have max 3 players under your roster.

Entry fee: Free entry

1st - $225
2nd - $125
3rd - $50
4th - $50
5th - 1 Month of Silver Subscription
6th - 1 Month of Silver Subscription
7th - 1 Month of Silver Subscription
8th - 1 Month of Silver Subscription

The finals will have 9 games. The first night will have 5 Games played being on the 11th of August and the last 4 games will be played on the 18th of August.
Match queuing will open at 6:50PM AEST and the first game of each night will kick off at 7:00PM AEST You will have 5 minutes to join the lobby between matches, if any issues occur that affect you or your team mate, you'll need to contact an admin hosting the games in the CyberGamer discord that can be found here

all settings not listed are left default


Region: OC
Team Size: 2
Map: Sanhok
Perspective: FPP
Redzone: Disabled
Public Spectating: Off
Killer Spectating: Off
Weather: Sunny Weather
Min Players to start queue: 64 Players
Max Players: 72

Weapon changes:

All guns are to be put on 1.5x except for flaregun that should be placed on 0x


All: 1.5x


All: 1.5x

Equipment - Bag/Helmet/Armor

All should be placed on 1.5x except Level 3 Helmet that should be placed on 0x


Ammo: 1.5x

Circle Settings

Duos point system:

1st – 250 Points
2nd – 200 Points
3rd – 175 Points
4th – 150 Points
5th – 125 Points
6th-10th – 100 Points
11th-20th – 75 Points
21st-25th – 50 Points
26th-30th – 25 Points
31st+ - 0

15 points per kill.

The top 10 teams from the overall season will start with bonus points in the finals being:

1st - 150 Points
2nd - 125 Points
3rd - 100 Points
4th - 75 Points
5th - 50 Points
6th - 40 Points
7th - 30 Points
8th - 20 Points
9th - 15 Points
10th - 10 Points

NOTE: This league is a test league and adjustments maybe required as the league progress.