Here is a look at the upcoming...

Here is a look at the upcoming Fortnite season 5 Map!

Here is a look at the upcoming Fortnite season 5 Map!

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9:23pm Jul 9th 18

Ever since the man inside the meteorite launched the rocket, weird things have been going on the world of Fortnite. Players have been hearing unusual noises, iconic objects are turning into dust and random cosmetic items can be seen spawning randomly. Now, we know all this is linked to upcoming Fortnite Season 5 which is set to take Fortnite back in time but the exact details are still currently unknown. But that is all set to change today as someone has leaked the entire Fortnite Season 5 map


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5:21pm Jul 10th 18

map looks pretty cool cant wait for the change


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9:17pm Jul 11th 18

Season 5 is releasing tomorrow this is what we can expect:

  • Something new in the Battlepass (i’m not talking about skins, but about a new thing this season we got “sprays”)
  • Able to gift to friends (not sure yet, since they added gifting to our profile ingame, we might see it coming).
  • New Login Screen.
  • New Music.
  • Big Map changes.
  • Cinematic before entering Battle Royale.
  • New Lobby Background.


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7:20pm Jul 12th 18

Can't wait to play


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8:47pm Jul 12th 18

Yeah it will be fun to play