PUBG Season 5 Relegations

PUBG Season 5 Relegations

PUBG Season 5 Relegations

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The relegation is BO9 and will be held over Wednesday and Thursday 1st/2nd August from 6:45pm Sydney time. The lobby will be created at 6:30pm, you will need to queue on the website at: Your players require a silver subscription or higher to compete.

The next Gold season will be for 18 teams starting on August 15th. 12 teams are eligible to directly enter/remain in Gold (10 from Gold, 2 from Silver). Thus, the relegation will elect 6 teams, if any of the existing 12 teams are unable to retain their slot, relegation will elect 7 teams etc, this should be known before the relegation starts.

The number of teams eligible to enter relegation is roughly 14-17 teams, this includes:
- 6 teams from Silver
- Roughly 8-11 teams from Gold

The size largely depends on how the injected teams are formed and if any of the top 10 disband rather than retaining their slot.
All teams need to finalize their roster by 5pm Sydney time on Wednesday August 1st. You are not Gold-worthy if you cannot finalize your team on time, you will simply be removed. This leaves a couple hours for the admins to resolve any issues.

If you qualify into Gold, your relegation roster is FINALIZED IMMEDIATELY and you are allowed to make a change per split. Your relegation roster can have 4 or 5 players on it, you are advised to try and have 5 on your roster if possible, you are disadvantaged by choosing to only have 4.

The player requirements are slightly different for Gold/Silver/Injected teams and have been advertised since the start of the season:

Gold team requirements for relegation

If you finish out-side the top 10, you are able to enter the relegation as a team if you still have 3 players on your final weeks roster. You can make any changes you would like to your other two players so that you enter the relegation with 4 or 5 players. The 3 players on your roster that you keep need to have played at least one night of matches in the season, ie: not be a permanent sub/manager. If the team is unable to maintain their slot as a whole you or your players may be able to enter the relegation as an injected team instead. Immediately after the relegation you are then reset to one player change allowed for the entire season.

Silver team requirements for relegation

For teams that finish 3rd-8th you can make any changes you like before relegation provided you keep 3 players that were on your roster at the end of the season (and they played matches for you...). You must reduce to a roster of 4 or 5. Immediately after the relegation you are then reset to one change allowed for the entire season.

Injected team requirements for relegation

You can create an injected team for the relegation with a squad of 4 or 5 (instead of only 4).
You require:
- 3 of your players have played more than half of the matches of the CGi/gold season just completed.

Immediately after the relegation your roster is locked and you are able to make one player change for the following season. You are advised to enter the relegation with a roster of 5 if possible.

After relegation, if any Gold teams withdraw in the first week etc, their slot will be offered to the next highest team from relegation.

The next Silver and Gold season will start the week after on August 8th with the same format as this season. Gold will be two 4 week splits, silver will be 8-9 weeks.


Message the following admins if any problems or questions occur: