PUBG Season 5 Gold information

PUBG Season 5 Gold information

PUBG Season 5 Gold information

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CyberGamer PUBG Gold is a season broken into 2 four week series with 18 teams. 4 Matches are played every Wednesday night from 7PM AEST.

Match queuing will open at 6:30PM AEST. The lobby will be created at around 6:45PM AEST and teams have 15 minutes to join their assigned slot given out in the PUBG CG Gold discord. You won't need to re-queue for the rest of the matches of the night as the password will be the same for all!

You will have 5 minutes to join the lobby between matches, if you have any issues affecting your players you need to post in the private captains chat. Please contact me if your team does not have a representative. Important/official communication is done via the discord channel.

All of your players competing in any match require an active gold subscription. If your team has a sub that only plays a single match/night for the season please get them to open a support ticket and we'll likely give them 24 hours of free-time.

All players competing in Gold are required to have an active gold subscription. Teams that have a sub player filling on for one night won't be asked to pay for premium if you message an admin. Teams that don't have an active subscription will be warned and giving 24 hours to fix, if asked again your match result(s) will be voided. We're required to be strict on this as it would be unfair on other teams who do pay actively. If you'd like to have a payment link generated for your team to have subscription until the end of the season please contact me!

It is extremely likely an opponent will notify us of your failure. You will be unable to queue without having at least 4 subscribed members, so it's generally only relevant if your 5th/6th player is in-frequently used, as above we are happy to provide a nights free subscription to a sub that only plays once a season if you notify us in advance.

At this stage the rule set will be TBA after the relegations.

The first series will run on Wednesdays from August 15th until 5th September (16 matches).

The second series will run on Wednesdays from September 12th until October 3rd (16 matches).

If there is a need to skip a week, all future matches will be pushed back one week.

Prizes for each series will be:

1st: $1000

2nd: $500

3rd: $250

4th: $250

Roster/Player Requirements

Each team playing in Gold will be allowed to have a maximum roster of 6 and will be permitted 1 roster change per split. The rosters for all teams will be set in stone 2 hours before the first game of the first split. Admin approval is required for any roster change. League stability is important, and by allowing your roster to be locked 2 hours before the first split is taken as a commitment to being able to play out the rest of the season. Any team that disbands will be banned for the rest of the season, and the next season too.

At the conclusion of the season, any team that is top 10 retains their slot in the Gold league so long as they meet these requirements. If you have a 6 player roster for the majority of the season, you will be required to keep 4 out of 6 players of that roster going into the next season. If you have a roster of 4 or 5 players for the majority of the season, you will be required to keep 3 players going into the next season. Players are defined as members on your roster that have played at least 1 match per split that they’ve been on the roster. Discretion is allowed around members on rosters that are managers or organisation representatives. In regards to roster changes, you are required to keep your core players for the first 2 weeks of the season, and after that if you use your allocated roster change per split you may use it on any of those core members.

If you finish outside top 10, you will have to play relegation matches. The same roster requirements hold, you need to hold 4 of 6 players, or 3 players in a 4 or 5 player roster, in order to be able to qualify for relegation. These players are defined as members that have played at least 1 game per split for your team (Ignored for this season and to define a CG Gold player they need to have played more than half of the matches of the CGi/gold season just completed). If your team is unable to meet these requirements, you can attempt to qualify for relegation as an injected team. An injected team is a team that has 3 out of 4 players that played in the last season of Gold, that can have come from any team.

If you finish outside of top 10 you will be put into the next relegations as a team if you still have 3 players from your final weeks roster. You'll be allowed to make changes to your other players but again keeping in mind if you were to make Gold again you will be reset to one change per split. The 3 players on your roster that you keep need to have played at least one night of matches in the season, ie: not be a permanent sub/manager If the team is unable to maintain their slot as a whole you or your players may be able to re-enter the relegation as an injected team if you meet the injected criteria.

All gold teams going forward will be allowed to have a roster of 4/5/6 that will only change by a two players from the start of the first relegation match through the final match of the season.

NOTE - GOLD Teams who retained their position by placing top 10 can make any changes until Wednesday 15th of August 5PM AEST making sure they still meet the requirement to keep their spot being that they must keep 3 CORE Players from the previous season.

Relegation information (After season 5 is finished) -

Dates are TBA for relegations

- Top 2 from Silver will automatically enter the following gold season and bypass relegation.

- Bottom 8 of Gold will enter relegations and the top 10 of Gold will get to keep there positions for the following season providing they meet the requirements.

- If any top 10 are unable to keep their position the team below does not move up and take that spot.

- The 3rd - 8th teams from Silver enter relegations

- Adding teams that meet the injected criteria

- Top 6 teams from the relegations qualify back into Gold.

Rules maybe subject to change under Admin Discretion

Contact these admins for any help or questions!


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