PUBG Season 5 Silver Information

PUBG Season 5 Silver Information

PUBG Season 5 Silver Information

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PUBG Silver (previously known as CGa) is open for all teams to signup here. All of your players competing in any match require an active silver subscription. If your team has a sub that only plays a single match for the season please get them to open a support ticket and we'll likely give them 24 hours of free-time.

If you play a player without a subscription you'll be given a warning and 24 hours to fix it, the second time your match result(s) will be voided. It is a lot of work to monitor this in PUBG and we are required to be very strict or it is unfair on other players. You will be unable to queue without having 4 subscribed members. You can purchase/upgrade for your whole team on your PUBG team profile page. If we fail to notice/warn you the first time, you'll still have subsequent matches voided once it is noticed, it is your responsibility to ensure you meet the requirements of the competition.

The Silver season will run on Wednesdays from 6:45pm AEST (Sydney time-zone) and will run from Wednesday August 8th until October 3rd.

There will be no finals for the season. All teams will be limited to 36 matches for the season. Your "match limit" will start at 4 and will increase by 4 each week. This will effectively mean you can only play 4 matches in a night if you play every week. If you miss a week or fall behind, you'll be able to play 5 in a night relatively easily.

In-game ruleset and scoring:

Regular official updates are posted in the two discord channels:

Please keep your messages professional and relevant. During match nights please keep any unnecessary posts to an absolute minimum as important messages can be missed by admins or other players. As each match is created a post is made to discord, this and the website both serve as your official ways of ensuring you make matches, it is your responsibility to ensure you can do this.

Match Queueing
On match nights you need to view the leaderboard page and click "ENTER QUEUE". Once the queue fills up you will be given a server name and password and you will have 5 minutes to join the server before it may start at any-time. The time you are given the password is logged.

Match queuing will open at 6:30pm AEST every Wednesday, the first queue/match will be assigned at 6:45pm AEST. After each match you are to return to the leader-board page and re-enter the queue at your convenience. All matches will aim to have 68 players (17 teams) where possible, however 60-72 player matches will remain common place. It is reasonably typical for 1-2 teams to not show to each match, so smaller lobbies are avoided where possible.

Occasionally we allow a match of 14 teams (56 players) when the queue has remained at 14 teams for a long time, often it will be the last match of the night which is assigned/created at around 9:30pm AEST, most players will hit their match-limit at around 9.

After you are assigned a match/lobby it cannot be removed from your record, it is your responsibility to ensure you are able to make it into the server in time. It will only be cleared if there was an error with the website, or if there is a technical issue that affects many players etc. Occasionally you'll have an issue with your computer or the game, this is a risk you absorb and not remotely something that will get a match cleared from your record. Do not enter the queue if you are not ready to join the server with only 5-6 minutes notice. If your team is very active you'll generally not want to miss a single match due to a mistake, if you are less active it will make little difference if you can't hit the 36 match limit anyway.

Match Cancellations
Occasionally a match is voided/cancelled, if this happens to you it'll not count towards your match record. If it was cancelled mid-game, please re-queue immediately and you'll receive a new match as usual.
PUBG servers require an admin to change about 35 settings manually every match. Occasionally a critical setting is done incorrectly. If the match can play-out in a reasonable manner it will, otherwise it'll be cancelled. In the event the flare-gun is left on, please do not use it, that's one of the only settings that will have no impact on the game if not abused by players...

Lobby Format/Formula/Configuration
Each time a match is created/assigned there is generally 14-50 teams in the queue. The lobbies aim to have a full size of 17 teams, but must be between 15 and 18 teams.

- Firstly, we add up to 4 teams that have been in the queue longer than 20 minutes or who have not played a match today. This often adds zero teams, but is essential for teams that miss-out on the first match. (This check is ignored for the first match of the night...)
- Secondly, we fill the lobby up until it is 50% full with a group of teams that over the last 90 minutes have played against each other the least. ie, we attempt to make a "unique" lobby. (This check is ignored/irrelevant for the first lot of matches for the night).
- The rest of the lobby is filled by adding completely random teams.

In practice, everyone queues immediately at 6:30, and at 6:45 we create either 2 or 3 completely random lobbies. There will be between 120 and 200 players queueing, which means we will either create: - two lobbies with 15-18 teams (120-144 players) - or three lobbies with 15-18 teams (180-216 players

Secondly, at least once throughout the night we will wait an extra 5-10m for the queue to reach 25-30 teams so that we can create two unique lobbies. This generally happens only once at about 90 minutes into the night, outside of that it is occasionally important that the queue reach slightly above 18 teams so that there is some movement. Generally there is 3 matches ongoing all of the time and it is fine to immediately create the next lobby as soon as there is 15 queued.

We refine the system each season, but the goal remains to find the right balance that maintains fairness/integrity of the league, whilst not being able to handle unlimited teams with the least waiting around. For example, allowing regular matches of 13-14 teams would drastically reduce overall waiting times, particularly at the start of the night, but also reduce fairness if other matches have 18 teams.

You should ensure your team and players have understood all of the above and are happy to compete in the season. The rules and configuration we have settled on has been refined over 3 seasons, plenty of suggestions have been taken on board and i'm sure more improvements may be required in the future, but if you are unhappy with the rules or choices that have been made you should not compete in the league.

Prizes for the season are:
1st: $500
2nd: $250
3rd: $200
4th: $200
5th: $150
6th: $150
7th: $150
8th: $150

Late Registrations
Late regos are open until August 29th, closing after that nights matches.

Roster/Player Requirements
You are allowed to play a single match with only two players in-game. Throughout all other matches you must have at least 3 players in-game and all players must be listed on your roster. Your match result will be voided if you play a second match with only two players or play with players not on your roster. It is unlikely to be detected immediately, but is easily verifiable by the end of the season. We allow you to play with only two a single time due to the number of issues that players can face when trying to join the lobby with only 5 minutes notice. You must compete in at least half of the season with a full squad of four in-game, you will be removed if this does not appear possible.

Silver teams are allowed a roster of 6 players. The rosters are free to change until the end of late regos (August 29th). After that date your roster is allowed two changes at any-time before the start of the first match of the last night of the season (October 3rd), changes on the final night of the season are not allowed.

For teams that finish in the top 2 you directly enter the next gold season, bypassing relegation, and may make any changes you like provided you keep 3 players that were on your roster at the end of the season (and they played matches for you during the season...). You must reduce to a roster of 5. You will then be reset to allow one change for the next season, however you must continue to retain 3 players from your previous roster for the first two weeks of the following season. Assurances will be sought to assure you can meet this requirement otherwise your position will be voided and filled via the relegation, even if it means replacing you before week 3 of the following season. It is intended that the teams that bypass relegation are extremely similar to the teams that earnt it, otherwise your team can play in the relegation.

For teams that finish 3rd-8th you can make any changes you like before relegation provided you keep 3 players that were on your roster at the end of the season (and they played matches for you...). You must reduce to a roster of 5. Your allowed changes will reset to 1 immediately after relegation.

If you run out of changes and a player is unable to play for you, you can attempt to finish the season with only 3 players playing per match. There is no ability to allow an admin to give you additional changes, if you drop below 3 in-game players your team will be removed from the season.

Relegation Information - at the end of the Silver and Gold seasons:
Relegation information (After season 5 is finished)
- Dates are TBA for relegations
- Top 2 from Silver will automatically enter the following gold season and bypass relegation.
- Bottom 8 of Gold will enter relegations and the top 10 of Gold will get to keep there positions for the following season providing they meet the requirements.
- If any top 10 are unable to keep their position the team below does not move up and take that spot.
- The 3rd - 8th teams from Silver enter relegations
- Adding teams that meet the injected criteria - Top 6 teams from the relegations qualify back into Gold.


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