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LFT High CGa

Hey all, Currently considering offers for teams with dedication and raw talent to achieve CGM FFYI this next or the following season. Biggest Thing for me is i would like to be practising a minimum of 3 hours a day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday with Friday and Saturday being the break days. I am currently sitting in on all the CGP Taboo practice sessions and partly coaching (more of an observer because they pretty much figure out their own mistakes). I am primarily a Rifler that is best suited for second entry or support because of my ability to clutch and guarantee trades, i can play any of the other roles except IGL. Also will go to any Sydney/Newcastle based lans.

wanting core player however happy to sub for a top 5 CGs team

2 x Qualifiers
2 x AEL Uni Cup and a couple small tournaments

- Raw Aim
- Clutching Ability
- Consistent
- Dedicated
- Rarely Tilts
- Utility Knowledge (For most maps)
- Can fit any role
- Active outside prac times
- Confidence
- Reaction Time
- Game Sense
- Communication
- Open Minded to constructive criticism
- Map Knowledge (I know how to play every map in the rotation)
- Pistols

- Rare Internet Issues
- Dinner is eaten quite late so will sometimes clash with practice
- Emotional Player ( I won't perform if there is a lot of shit in my life + i wont perform if the team tilts )
- My awping can be a tad inconsistent, hitting insane shots but missing shots i shouldn't
- Apologist mentality in which i will sometimes just start apologising when i mess up occasions which i should win or shots that i should hit

Add me on either steam or dm me on twitter if interested:


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Skyrie has the commitment and mentality of a high A player. Skyrie loves the game of csgo and shows in it his ability to outfrag many gamers and to carry his team. Skyrie is a super friendly face towards many people and with that also knows how to frag.

Bol Skyrie


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Unfortunately the definition of a high a player has changed, seing M is now merging with A there is going to be a lot more competition i think it would be best to say low to mid A but even im fucking confused so...


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Yup you aren't wrong ( im just making this reply shorter)


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Very Dedicated and can go far with the right guys around him.


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nice guy, pretty sharp as well


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Clicks heads nicely. Committed and with the right guys, could help take a team places.


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Willing to improve and put in the time worth giving a shot to any up and coming cga teams


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Good and a very sharp player


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Good dedicated player


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Committed and chill af


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Smart and sharp shoota


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Sharper than a sharpened carrot. Good pick up bol


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Chill and nice guy, likes his retakes