Bluehole launches "Fix PUBG" c...

Bluehole launches "Fix PUBG" campaign, the community outcry worked

Bluehole launches "Fix PUBG" campaign, the community outcry worked

Thread started by Donaldowens on Wednesday, 11:14pm August 8th with 2 replies. Views: 387


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11:14pm Aug 8th 18

PUBG Corporation has announced a new initiative called "Fix PUBG" in which the developers will attempt to, well, fix PUBG. The team says it plans to "destroy bugs, deliver long-needed quality-of-life features, and take PUBG to the next level by shipping fundamental performance improvements," focusing resources on these aspects of development over the next three months.


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12:21am Aug 9th 18

Its been an year since the game got out yet still has numerous issues that the players face everyday. After a massive community out-cry, Developer PUBG Corporation is finally admitting to these issues and announcing a new campaign called "FIX PUBG" which will target performance, matchmaking, bug fixes, quality of life improvements and more.Along with this announcement a massive patch was also promised with following highlights:

1) Limb penetration will be implemented (if a player model’s hands or limbs are blocking a more vital area, bullets will now deal full damage for that area)
2) Graphics “sharpening” will be added as separate toggle in the settings.
3) You’ll be able to mute individual teammates while in-game.
4) Quality-of-life improvements are coming to colorblind mode.
5) Quality-of-life improvements are also coming to loot stack splitting (more control).
6) Vehicle sounds will be reduced when driving in first-person perspective.
7) You’ll be able to adjust your FPS cap (including by setting it to “uncapped”).
8) You’ll also be able to set your in-game FPS cap and lobby FPS cap separately.

The Devs have also provided a website with a road map for the updates!


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11:26am Aug 9th 18

It is finally a step in the right direction, however long they took to do it :P
Lets just hope they actually stick to the shown road map otherwise whatever credibility they had will evaporate quick smart.